America’s Favorite Cocktail

that keeps kicking…

You’re here because you’ve already experienced the zesty, yet smooth flavor of this mouth watering cult classic concoction — the Moscow Mule. Or maybe you’ve seen that copper mug shining like a brand new penny from across the bar or quite possibly you’ve been the object of the entire bars envy.

Either way, we’re glad you’ve found us and want you to know we are here to make sure you can continue to enjoy this classic beverage, which has become one of the most ordered cocktails in America.

75 Years of History

75 Years of History

A woman named Sophie Berezinski went door to door in Hollywood in search of a restaurant or lounge owner interested in her copper mugs. In 1941, Sophie walked into the Cock ‘n’ Bull pub at just the right time. Little did she know that on that day she’d begin crafting a cocktail America would fall in love with–what we know today as the Moscow Mule.

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Recipes Crafted from Around the World

The Moscow Mules humble beginning started at the Cock ‘n’ Bull in Hollywood, CA. But, it didn’t take long before this crisp, refreshing drink recipe to made it’s way around the world.

Over past few decades, Moscow Mule enthusiasts from across the globe have put their own cultural twist on this classic beverage. We encourage you to check out some of our favorite versions of the Moscow Mule and mix up one of the recipes below.

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Mule School

The average person doesn’t realize there’s science behind the copper mug and that it actually affects the Moscow Mule’s flavor. Not everyone is a seasoned mixologist and needs a little help understanding the tools used to put a unique spin on the Moscow Mule. And when it comes to caring for pure, 100% copper mugs, people tend to think it’s a difficult task to keep them shining like a brand new penny.

Mule School teaches you everything there is to keep your Moscow Mule drinking experience interesting, creative and eye catching.

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