The Moscow Mule

1900- 1920’s

Sophie Berezinski begins spending more time at the factory with her father. They begin to manufacture copper mugs at the Moscow Copper Co. based on Sophie’s design and dimensions.

Hard times hit Russia so Sophie decides to jump ship with 2,000 mugs and make her way to America where she could sell the mugs and enjoy a better life. Sophie settles in NYC where she finds her husband Max.

The Moscow Mule
The Moscow Mule


Sophie makes her way out to Hollywood, CA to try something new and to ultimately find a buyer for her beautiful copper mugs.


Sophie, along with two male friends, John and Jack create the very first Moscow Mule in her Original Mug at the famous Cock n’ Bull Pub on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, CA.

The Moscow Mule


A bartender from the Cock n’ Bull decides to go out and share the Moscow Mule with bartenders around the country. Using a polaroid camera, he would walk into a bar, pour a Moscow Mule, take two pictures of the newly crafted Moscow Mule and leave one behind with the bartender. He would then go to the next bar and show them what their competitors were doing thus spreading the Moscow Mule across the nation. We like to think of it as Social Media in the 1940’s…

The Moscow Mule


The Moscow Mule becomes the cocktail of choice among the Hollywood “it” crowd/”A” listers.

Fun Fact: The poles that supported the hollywood sign were hauled to the site by mules.


The Cold War begins to hit the nation hard and with it the Moscow Mule loses popularity due to political reasons. Pretty ironic considering the cocktail was created right in the center of Hollywood, CA. The next 30-40 years were some of the darkest days America has seen with no Moscow Mules to be found.

The Moscow Mule


The Moscow Mule is thriving in bars across the globe. In fact, it recently passed the Margarita as the most popular cocktail in America and quite possibly the world. Sophie Berezinskis’ legacy lives on through her descendants at the Moscow Copper Co., ensuring everyone has access to the original copper mug that makes the Moscow Mule, a truly authentic Moscow Mule.