The 10 Best Texas Vodkas

Texas Vodka Brands You May Have Never Heard Of, But Will

When it comes to vodka, the sun-baked, wind-swept expanses of Texas are about as far from Czarist Russia as one can get, but the fact of the matter is that Texas has emerged as one of the most prolific vodka producing regions in the entire U.S.

From the ubiquitous – Tito’s Handmade Vodka – to the boutique, there’s no shortage of distillers large and small producing some truly unique and interesting vodkas. So join us as we dip our toes in the Rio Grande, pour some of the Lone Star state’s best liquor, and explore the world of Texas vodkas.

  1. Space City Vodka: It’s a tale as old as time: boy meets girl in the deep woods of Germany, learns how to distill spirits from her grandfather, brings skills back to Houston to open the city’s first distillery. Each batch is distilled six times and carbon-filtered to produce an exceptionally clear, smooth final product.
  2. Dirk’s Vodka: Using water tapped from an ancient underground aquifer in East Texas, this vodka has been 20 years in the making as their fanatical distiller perfected his recipe. The result is a vodka that won so many awards we could write a whole article about just that. Seek this vodka out, it’ll be well worth the effort.
  3. Starlite Vodka: Though not as well-known as their fellow Austin, Texas distiller Tito’s, this vodka, from Treaty Oak distillery, has won countless awards both in-state and beyond. Be warned though, the wandering mind of their master distiller means they produce a rotating series of limited-run liquors with maddening infrequency. So if you see a bottle of this, snatch it up.
  4. Findlay’s Vodka: A honey based vodka, this distilled spirit started as a random experiment by a guy with a dream, a homemade still, and some spare room in the garage. After cashing out his 401k to build a proper distillery, Bushy Creek, his vodka has won the hearts of many a Texan drinker.
  5. Banner Natural Vodka: We’ve always touted the importance of water in the vodka making process, so imagine how amazed we were to learn that this vodka is produced using harvested rainwater! Given that rainstorms can be few and far between in the lone star state, it’s no surprise that this vodka is truly exclusive at less than a thousand bottles produced per-batch.
  6. Western Son Texas Vodka: Crafted from American yellow corn and stilled ten times, this vodka is a perfect example of an ultra-premium product that’s made from 100% Texas ingredients. Smooth, clean, with a slightly sweet taste from the corn, this is a favorite for us when chilled and poured over a few chips of ice.
  7. Longhorn Vodka: Based out of Fort Worth, this vodka – like many Texas vodkas – may use corn, but has the distinction of being one of the few that uses the less-common white varietal. The result is a vodka that is not only gluten-free, but has a delightful sweetness, making it perfect for cocktails.
  8. Dash Premium Vodka: Distilled from premium Texas organic wheat and Thompson raisins, this vodka is one of the more dynamic offerings to come out of Texas. Slightly herbal with a sweetness imparted by the addition of raisins, this vodka is a great addition to any tasting because of the distinct layering of flavors.
  9. Troubadour Texas Vodka: Though it may hail from the southern part of the lone star state, this Texas vodka is crafted in the old-world traditions of Europe, using only the finest organic winter wheat to create a distinctly American version of the archetypal vodka.
  10. Dripping Springs Vodka: Distilled fifty gallons at a time, this vodka can be hard to come by, but is well worth. Having the distinction of being the only vodka – that we’re aware of – that’s certified kosher, this smooth-sipping offering is the perfect pairing with the fattiness of a well-made pastrami on rye.