Have Potato, Will Distill: The Best Vodkas From Idaho

Old-World Ingredients Meet American Ingenuity

1. Koenig Distillery: It should come as no surprise that Andrew Koenig, the master distiller here, spent years honing his chops across Europe before setting off to make his own traditional potato vodka. Using handmade copper stills imported from Germany, Koenig combines Rocky Mountain spring water and Idaho potatoes grown specifically in volcanic soil. The result is an exceptionally smooth vodka with all the depth of flavor and mouthfeel that you’d expect from a traditionally crafted potato spirit.

2. 44 North: The people at 44 North claim that their classic potato vodka is the best way to enjoy famous Idaho potatoes, and we’re inclined to agree. Using locally-grown Burbank and Russet spuds (the exact ration is a closely guarded secret) and spring water from the Snake River aquifer, the recipe is simplicity itself. Combine these ingredients with a five-column distillation process and you get a potato vodka that’s exceptionally clean and crisp, with none of the ‘starchy’ taste you might find in lesser potato products.

3. Blue Ice Vodka: Naturally gluten-free, this potato vodka has emerged as one of the great success stories of the state. Using non-GMO potatoes and pure spring water that makes its way from the snow-capped Grand Tetons right to their own 200ft deep well, purity of ingredients means everything. Using a four-column distillation process, the result is a vodka so pure that no adulterants need to be added: pure distilled spirit and spring water are the only ingredients in this award-winning formula.

4. Zodiac Vodka We’re all familiar with distillers boasting about the multiples of filtration their final product goes through to achieve clarity, but not Zodiac. Their claim to fame is that the product that comes out of their still is so pure in ingredients and process that it only needs to be filtered once to achieve perfection.

5. Grand Teton Vodka When a distillery sits in the shadows of the Tetons surrounded by thousands of acres of famous Idaho potatoes, it’s probably not surprising that vodka becomes their signature spirit. Distilled the equivalent of 20 times, proofed with pure mountain water, and polished with charcoal and garnet crystal sand, the resulting vodka has won countless awards for it’s full-bodied, yet smooth flavor profile.