5 Best Vodka Shots to Make for Your Next Party

Best Vodka Shots for Your Party


Let’s face it, shots have gotten a bad rap over the years. The iconic author of forgotten nights out or parties that have begun to blur, shots have become synonymous with the kind of frat-house boozy excess unbecoming of the discerning drinker.

But this doesn’t need to be the case. A shot can be a welcome addition to any party … especially a vodka shot! AND shots can also be a chance for a host to show off their skills behind the bar. So take a moment to consider these more grown-up options when you’re planning your next party.

1. Mini-Mule Shots: A surefire way to wow your guests to greet them with a tray of these Mini-Mule shots. To get the full effect, we recommend serving them up in copper shot glasses (bonus points if you splurge on Mini-Mule mugs with tiny handles).

2oz Vodka
1.5oz Ginger Beer
1/2 oz Lime Juice

Moscow Copper Co. Mini Mules

2. Lemon Drop: Lightly sweet and not overwhelmingly alcoholic, the Lemon Drop is a classic shot for a reason: it’s delicious.

1.5oz Vodka
1oz Lemon Juice
1/4oz Triple Sec

3. Little Red Corvette: Sweet and citrusy, this shot is a more grown-up version of the saccharine shots that gave you those pounding hangovers and scoldings from your dentist.

1/4oz Aperol
1oz Vodka*
1/4oz Simple Syrup
1/2oz Fresh Orange Juice
*Note: You can sub orange flavored vodka in for the fresh OJ in a pinch.

4. Beetroot Shot: Okay, so this one might sound weird, but trust us when we attest to its deliciousness. A good, clean grain vodka pairs perfectly with the earthiness of the beet juice, and the horseradish lends a spiciness that makes this a perfect pairing with appetizers.

1.5oz Vodka
1.5oz Beet Juice
Fresh Grated Horseradish to Taste

5. Dirty Martini Shot: A martini will forever and always be an iconic cocktail. This is a great shot for parties since you can tune it to your guests tastes simply by tweaking the amount of olive brine. Clean, simple, and with the savoury salinity of olives, this is about as grown-up as a shot gets.

1oz Vodka
1/4oz Vermouth
Olive Brine to Taste
Top With A Skewered Olive